Our Dog grooming, Teeth Cleaning and microchipping facility is available on site 6 days a week and is open to boarding customers and the general public. Appointments run daily from 8.30am until 5.00pm with a late night on a Monday evening until 8.00pm .



Oaklands Dog Grooming is a professional grooming service and was established in 2015 with two onsite groomers. We are passionate about what we do and like to make your dogs experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Our appointments are tailored around you and your dog, to make sure we allow enough time to complete the required treatments.  We are always happy to talk you before hand to discuss your dogs needs and any special requirements you may have.


Full Groom– Includes Bath, Dry, Full Clip/Scissor, Brush all dead hair away, Ears Checked and Nail trim.

Bath and tidy– Includes Bath, Dry, Brush all dead hair away, Ears checked and Nail Trim.

Hand Strip– Remove dead hair by hand stripping instead of clipping, Bath, Dry, Brush, Ears Checked and Nail trim.

Puppy Pamper– Bath, Dry, brush, Face trim if needed, Ears checked and Nail trim, this is designed to ease your puppy into the grooming environment.

Nail Trim– You can book just a nail trim if your dogs nails have got a little too long

If you are unsure which service you dog requires, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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With our kennels being set in the countryside, sometimes our customers have that much fun running in the open fields with their friends that they get extremely muddy whilst staying with us , Why not save yourself a job and book a bath before they come home so they are nice and fresh .

Prices for baths-

Small dog  ( Jack Russel, West highland Terrier)- £10.00

Medium dog ( Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Labrador) – £15.00

Large Dog ( German Shepherd, Husky)- £20.00


For our full grooming price list please contact us via email or telephone.


Our Teeth Cleaning service uses the Emmi-Pet toothbrush, it works be sending ultrasound waves which are transmitted via each wet toothbrush bristle to the toothpaste, this creates millions of micro bubbles that penetrate deep below the gumline and into the smallest gaps between the teeth and gum pockets. The Emmi-Pet works without scrubbing, brushing, vibration, or noise making it pet friendly and with no need for anaesthetic! It is effective in reducing gingivitis and periodontitis, oral cavity diseases, plaque and tartar build up, stains and bad breath.

We offer a Maintenance cleaning package and an Intensive cleaning package, this is dependent upon an initial consultation to determine the level of cleaning your dogs teeth require.

Please call us or email us for more information.


It is a legal requirement for all Dogs to be Microchipped and registered to their owners. We have 2 Peddymark certified implanters that can microchip your pets , it is a simple, quick and easy process .

We can microchip Litters of puppies or individual animals , this includes implanting the microchip , registering them to the breeder on the animal tracker database , issuing you with a free simple transfer receipt for the new owner and a pet tag stating the animal is microchipped.

Cost of £15 per animal.